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Things you should know before adding me about what I genreally post about:

Im Jrock/VK obsessed
Im Lolita/VK/Decora obsessed
Im shy, until you get to know me
I write fanfiction
I rant
I love meeting new people XD
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Offbrand + Magazine sales.


I needs money to buy me some brand so im selling some stuff i never wear....
I also have feedback if required over on EGL

G.L.P Skirt - £20
I love this skirt but I never wear it anymore so rather than it being stuck in my wardrobe I'd rather it went to a good home. Waist is elasticated so its pretty free size.


Tokyo royale punk rave pants - £25
waaay too big, Ive lost weight so i cant even hold them with a belt anymore, also come with a detatchable skirt (not pictured) which I can get images of if required. 


Tokyo royale lolita hoodie - £15
Cute warm hoodie for winter, sadly I just dont wear it anymore and Id rather it goes to a better home, there used to be lace around the sleeves which i cut off because it just didnt go right, dont know what the esigner was thinking, however lace remains as pictured.  Size UK10-12


Punk rave unisex top - £15
Again, doesnt really fit, too big.  Size L.


Secret Shop socks - £10
Bought these from Camden, tried on a couple of times but never worn, they just dont suit me.

Raven Basque - £25
Had this for years but kept it more as a sentimental piece rather than actually wearing it, as it happens I've had it so long Ive lost weight and it is now too big for me fits a UK size 12-14 best.

Royal Poodle (Angelic pretty replica) Skirt - £25
--Bought in camden last year, have only worn it two or three times, I just dont really like the print anymore. Skirt is miss
ing a detatchable bow.

Hangry+Angry Blouse - £25  SOLD
Lovely blouse, bought at a local shop, worn a few times but sadly it doesnt really fit anymore, there is some slight discolouring around the collar but nothing else, size-wise its typical Japanese sizing so I wouldnt recommend anyone bigger than a UK size 10 to wear it.

Demonia boots - £30  SOLD
Love these boots to death but when I orderd them online the site told me to order 2 sizes up from my size so I ordered a size '6' however theyre still too tight so I think someone who is a size 3 - 3 and a half would fit them better, there is a slight scuff on the toe where Ive worn them out to dinner a couple of times, other than that, theyre like new.

High-Heeled BlackSandals - £25
Bought these a few summers back and have worn them a couple of times but theyre just cloggigng up my wardrobe now

GosuRori volumes 9 - £10  SOLD

These are great for anyone who's into lolita and sewing, all dress patterns are still intact, perfect condition, i just never read it.

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The following VERY short and VERY crap fanfiction was the result of a conversation with leifang666  about how in fanfiction, noone ever has crap sex, its always great, noone has a small penis either...thats when I said...

"OMG I HAVE THE GREATEST IDEA EVER!" and came up with the following (Im VERY sorry about this...)

Though I DID get to write the greatest line ever...

(If anyone wishes to recapture their sanity after this go ahead and read my fanfiction-dedicated journal in which I prove Im not a crap writer (much).

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So yesterday i saw this...and lol'd...

It's too cute!

But really random...at first it's like ok post yea I get the idea than all of a sudden...omg it's Gackt!

the bit with him falling asleep is just too adorable <3

then hes stood at the end looking all sexy and stuff</lj-embed>

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*does a happeh dance*

hes still online now

hmmmm wonder what he'd doing
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